Passwords and password protection are often overlooked. Using sophisticated software and tools, hackers are easily gaining access to small business networks through simple or default passwords.

Windstar's Password Security Solution service provides you secure password storage, encrypted passwords, employee management with access control and will alleviate any security uncertainties you may have. With secured login credentials you’ll be sure your business is protected! With Windstar’s Secure Password Manager enjoy the following benefits:

  • Centralized, Encrypted Secure Password Storage: All passwords are accessed and managed from with one centralized portal location. No unwanted eyes will see your secure, encrypted passwords.
  • Folders to Organize & Categorize Passwords Organization of passwords will improve access and search efficiency.
  • Ability to Manage All Employees’ Access Rights Establishing access rights will determine the permission levels for each credential.
  • Notifications of Passwords Known by Departing Employees All credentials are tracked and logged making it easy to identify any changes needed to be made when an employee leaves your business.
  • Automated Password Rotation Studies have concluded that 47% of users and businesses use passwords up to 5 years old. Generate strong and unique passwords with forced mandatory password rotations.
  • Google Chrome Browser Extension Improve website login efficiency, quickly and conveniently while saving credentials from new and old sites.
  • Auditing & Reporting Know at any time the strength and age of the passwords with your portal; as well as every single password each employee knows.

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