One of the biggest barriers to maintaining a secure environment is the man hours required to look through all the information being generated from everything on your network. From a switch, to a server, or your firewall, each of these devices is generating huge amounts of data and logs from any activity they perform. Often, this information is collected, and stored with the intention of analyzing it, only to be put to the side due to lack of manpower, and or expertise to make any sense of it. This is where our SIEM and Log Management service comes in. Our service provides Real-Time Alerting when critical events occur including security breaches, and performance problems. We back it up with our SOC service and provide expert analysis of the logs of all critical network infrastructure.

  • Automatic Remediation
  • Behavior Analysis and Correlation
  • End-Point Security
  • Reporting
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Search and Forensic Analysis

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