Is It Possible…

That your IT Manager and IT department is EXTREMELY busy, often times frantic and constantly overwhelmed with the never-ending job of keeping your company’s technology running smoothly, while also making sure it is secure and not vulnerable to expensive IT failures, security breaches and downtime?

5-Step System To Make Sure Your Business Technology Runs Like A Ferrari Instead Of A Fiat


5-Step System To Make Sure Your Business Technology Runs Like A Ferrari Instead Of A Fiat

3 Big Reasons to Choose Windstar Technologies Support Your Computer Network


We SPECIALIZE In Working With Small Business. In fact, we are a small business, which allows us to understand the day to day challenges you face in providing cutting edge technology to assist you in your growth and ability to compete, while keeping the budget in control. Through our predictive and proactive approach to technology, we can keep the costs to a minimum, and most important predictable.


Our Clients Trust Us. We focus on developing a trusted advisor status with you and your business early on in the relationship, as we understand who we work for, You! Windstar takes very seriously keeping your confidence and trust, as we are charged with the upkeep and protecting your most sensitive and critical systems.


We Are A Business Only IT Company. We only work on Business systems. We do not try to wrench in consumer products to a business environment often costing more to implement and are far less secure. Instead, we use proven technologies, that have been well vetted, and tested by our vendors, and our own internal testing team. This ensure predictable results and cost for our clients and their IT needs.

Our Services

Data Backup Solutions

Without a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan, you could lose your essential business data – and maybe even your business. We provide backup and recovery services for companies looking for a way...

Managed IT

High-quality technology is vital for your growing business – but the ongoing costs of new components and IT support can be challenging for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage...

Cloud Solutions

What is cloud computing? With Windstar Technologies, it’s a simple, affordable and totally scalable IT infrastructure that also offers 24/7 support as part of a monthly program. Using the power of the Internet...

Network Security

Windstar Technologies, Inc offers a custom security solution, built for your business, based on your individual security needs. We will review your current security policies, work hand-in-hand with you to optimize them...

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Consistency, Value and Trust

Dave Groot at Windstar takes his customer’s experience seriously. He does an excellent job of reviewing the company’s overall technology needs and offers an array of services to support them. His judgement on these needs has been very valuable to our organization. Over our long relationship our needs have fluctuated, but Windstar has been there as a partner to help identify solutions that address them.

System monitoring is a critical part of a technology solution. It is always best to be proactive in protecting data and systems from loss or severe damage. Trying to recover from an incident is more expensive and stressful than paying for service up front that will protect against them.

Windstar does not always have the lowest price available but the adage “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. We are confident in the superior level of service that Windstar has provided us over the years. Windstar does not oversell services, they offer what they think is best for the company. They have consistently delivered on their promised services.

DS IT Director

Highly Recommended

We have used Windstar Technologies for IT support in my medical practice for 13 years. They have also developed our website, Facebook page, and newsletter. They have provided excellent services and consultation on developing our computer network and hardware needs. The best description of Dave and Stefanie is that they are professionals at what they do. They keep up with the latest developments and can always be relied on to look after our needs no matter the time of day or how complicated the problem is. I would highly recommend them.

PG Business Owner

About Us - We are GROOT!

Windstar Technologies is a family owned and operated IT firm in Culpeper, Virginia. We are the only IT company in Culpeper, Virginia exclusively focusing on Cyber Security and Compliance. Businesses have a hard time absorbing costs of staffing the talent to battle cyber-attacks while keeping up with growing compliance regulations. At Windstar Technologies we solve this problem by facilitating vetted enterprise technologies to the SMB market. This ensures predictable results and cost for our clients and their IT needs.

5-Step System To Make Sure Your Business Technology Runs Like A Ferrari Instead Of A Fiat


5-Step System To Make Sure Your Business Technology Runs Like A Ferrari Instead Of A Fiat