Every year a surprising amount of PC’s, laptops, servers, battery backups, monitors, and network equipment end up in landfills. One of the biggest pitfalls of electronics is that their components are toxic to the environment, and to us, if they're just thrown away and left to seep into the earth.

If you throw away your PCs without destroying the hard drives or your backup tapes/drives without destroying the media, it is possible for thieves to steal your sensitive information.

The ideal situation would be that all of us use, repair and re-purpose our electronics until we no longer can and then at that point, we recycle them responsibly. Unfortunately, the statistics show that we don't come close to that.

With Windstar Technologies secure destruction services, you can benefit from a comprehensive destruction program that's convenient, compliant and sustainable.

Avoid the chances of a data breach by having a clear strategy for securely destroying, recycling or re-purposing media and other IT equipment

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