Network Security

Our industry-leading internal security alerting solution takes into account your custom security policies and intelligently identifies suspicious anomalies, changes, and threats. In addition, our powerful analysis engine examines multiple data points and notifies you directly of security issues caused by unusual user behavior and network misconfigurations.

As network security threats grow more advanced by the day, protecting your company’s systems and data becomes more challenging. We will work with you to make sure your security technology is in place and running smoothly using traditional SMB security practices such as updating, patching, and managing your firewall, malware, and anti-virus solutions.

In addition, we will work with you to provide unique security services that go way beyond these standard technologies to make sure your internal cybersecurity remains intact and hardened.

WiFi Network security

Wi-Fi is now a necessity everyone expects to be available no matter where they go—preferably free of charge. There are now more than 1.6 million commercial Wi-Fi hotspots in North America, making connectivity more available than ever before for business and personal use. For small business, providing public Wi-Fi is desirable, but can add a level of difficulty to IT management due to the regulations they must abide by. By allowing devices on the public network, companies open up the door for network security vulnerabilities as well as the possibility of Quality of Service (QoS) issues. It is important that your network is set up to ward off all types of threats, including those coming from guest devices. Guest devices may or may not have security software such as endpoint antivirus installed, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Once the device is exploited, it can then carry that malware payload onto the next network it joins.

Bandwidth issues can be a crucial concern for system administrators in any industry. Recreational traffic like streaming services, games and social media can rapidly drain resources away from other users who might be using the network for business purposes, research projects or other uses. Having a network security solution that provides the option to block applications as well as identify rogue users is crucial for any business offering guest Wi-Fi.

Windstar provides a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for you that includes secure Wi-Fi, content filtering, ransomware protection, malware and advanced threat protection, application-based shaping for bandwidth optimization, and virtual private networks (VPN) in a simply powerful, affordable package.