Lower Costs, Increase Knowledge, and Stay Connected

Communication and high-quality customer service sets Windstar Technologies apart from other IT firms I have worked with in the past. Switching to Microsoft 365 Cloud and Voice helps our local organization work remotely and allows us to integrate digital and virtual aspects into our Networking Programs all while Lowering Costs.

We use Microsoft Teams for Town Halls, Meetings, and even Surveys to bring our Membership together during this Pandemic. Working with Windstar means we stay abreast of updates and new platforms we can use to communicate with our community better.

JS President of Local Organization

Responsive, Trustworthy, and Dependable

Switching over to Microsoft 365 Cloud and removing our Server during the Covid-19 Pandemic allows our business the ability to work from anywhere, including from home. Additionally, moving our Voice to Microsoft Teams means,
Number One: cost savings and
Number Two: I can change settings at a moment’s notice.

The Windstar Technologies Team are extremely honest, trustworthy, responsive, and dependable.  They explain and help you learn new things and solutions to help manage your business needs.

GSG Business Owner

Never Pay the Ransom

Our Dental office had an experience with ransomware infecting our software dental program which caused all our files to be lost. With the Data Back-up Solution Windstar had put in place they were able to recover our entire program and we were back up and running in less than a day.

DR Office Manager

Operations on Schedule!

Early Morning or late Evening, Windstar’s fast responsive service is personalized to our needs. Unlike our last provider who put us on a waiting list, Windstar Technologies constantly puts customer service first.  Our biggest benefit to having Windstar enhanced security plan is having a partner who helps us navigate and achieve HITECH/HIPAA compliance. We never have a worry about our technology and security with the Windstar team working on our side.

YK Executive Director

Consistency, Value and Trust

Dave Groot at Windstar takes his customer’s experience seriously. He does an excellent job of reviewing the company’s overall technology needs and offers an array of services to support them. His judgement on these needs has been very valuable to our organization. Over our long relationship our needs have fluctuated, but Windstar has been there as a partner to help identify solutions that address them.
System monitoring is a critical part of a technology solution. It is always best to be proactive in protecting data and systems from loss or severe damage. Trying to recover from an incident is more expensive and stressful than paying for service up front that will protect against them.
Windstar does not always have the lowest price available but the adage “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. We are confident in the superior level of service that Windstar has provided us over the years. Windstar does not oversell services, they offer what they think is best for the company. They have consistently delivered on their promised services.

DS IT Director

For a good night sleep, you need more than a mattress.

I can focus on my business because I get peaceful sleep at night knowing that Windstar Technologies has our Law firm’s data protected and in the event of a catastrophe can restore our data. Dave understands to whom a duty of loyalty is owed and has helped us maneuver touchy terminations, new product roll-outs, ever-morphing security threats, and even training. Windstar always responds promptly, and they offer the “best of the best” personal service.

LP Business Owner

Saving time and using complex Passwords!

Using Windstar’s Password App has saved me valuable time throughout my work day. Not having to think about keeping track of complex passwords and being able to use the App from different systems is really helpful.

KP Digital Content Coordinator

Highly Recommended

We have used Windstar Technologies for IT support in my medical practice for 13 years. They have also developed our website, Facebook page, and newsletter. They have provided excellent services and consultation on developing our computer network and hardware needs. The best description of Dave and Stefanie is that they are professionals at what they do. They keep up with the latest developments and can always be relied on to look after our needs no matter the time of day or how complicated the problem is. I would highly recommend them.

PG Business Owner

You won’t be disappointed!

I appreciate the friendly and informative service from Windstar Technologies Help Desk. Having multiple options/people for problem solving is a great asset to our organization.

LB Meetings Assistant

Over the Long Haul

Dave, at Windstar, has provided both hardware and software support for my organization for over 15 years, and it has been wonderful! Dave and his team continue to update and educate us on new developments in technology to keep our organization secure.

ML Executive Director

Ahead of the curve!

Windstar Technologies provides outstanding service and support. Their knowledge of technology leaves us with a feeling of confidence and control, and their sensitivity to downtime and staying on budget is realized up-front. Planning and solid remote support during our migration from Microsoft’s Server to the new Business Server, as well as the addition of a SPAM-killing security appliance, allowed the transition to be exceptionally smooth. Dave Groot and his staff have actively addressed our needs and focused on office goals and concerns. Windstar has provided us with hardware and software purchasing assistance, ongoing relevant IT advice and is always available and reachable before, during and after specific projects. They quickly proved that they value our business and always follow up promptly to our inquiries, quite often proactively beating us to the punch. We highly recommend Windstar Technologies!

AG Business Owner

On Cloud 9

Our Organization struggled with outdated software (Windows 7), file sharing with remote staff, file storage and connectivity issues.  Windstar Technologies helped our business integrate the latest technologies in our daily operations by migrating to Microsoft 365.  The Windstar Team provided prompt response to our concerns with ongoing communication throughout the project.  Moving to Microsoft 365 has allowed remote staff to decrease connection issues for file sharing, standardized our software for all staff members, increased security measures, and resolved file storage issues.  We recommend Windstar Technologies to other businesses.

LF Executive Vice President

Windstar is the Best!

No technical problem is too big for them. Windstar took my outdated equipment and software and transition me to a fast up to date solution. The whole Windstar team is very knowledgeable in Office 365 and assisting with caring employees that demonstrate a level of importance to issues.

JK Realtor

Eye Opening Information

I had no idea how much great information I would take away from Windstar’s Cyber Security training. I would highly recommend others to take Windstar’s Cyber Security training.


Don’t Click Ever

Attending Windstar Technologies Cyber Awareness Training with David Groot showed me how easy it is to be Hacked and instructed how I can better protect myself.  I’m going to change my password and get a password Manager!