Denise Robinson

Never Pay the Ransom

Our Dental office had an experience with ransomware infecting our software dental program which caused all our files to be lost. With the Data Back-up Solution Windstar had put in place they were able to recover our entire program and we were back up and running in less than a day.

Office Manager, Family Dental Care

Consistency, Value and Trust

Dave Groot and Windstar takes his customer’s experience seriously. He does an excellent job of reviewing the company’s overall technology needs and offers an array of services to support them. His judgement on these needs has been very valuable to our organization. Over our long relationship our needs have fluctuated, but Windstar has been there as a partner to help identify solutions that address them.
System monitoring is a critical part of a technology solution. It is always best to be proactive in protecting data and systems from loss or severe damage. Trying to recover from an incident is more expensive and stressful than paying for service up front that will protect against them.
Windstar does not always have the lowest price available but the adage “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. We are confident in the superior level of service that Windstar has provided us over the years. Windstar does not oversell services, they offer what they think is best for the company. They have consistently delivered on their promised services.

Peter Godfrey, M.D.

Highly Recommended

We have used Windstar Technologies for IT support in my medical practice for 13 years. They have also developed our website, Facebook page, and newsletter. They have provided excellent services and consultation on developing our computer network and hardware needs. The best description of Dave and Stefanie is that they are professionals at what they do. They keep up with the latest developments and can always be relied on to look after our needs no matter the time of day or how complicated the problem is. I would highly recommend them.

Blue Ridge Gynecology and Wellness

Lois Pearson

For a good night sleep, you need more than a mattress.

I can focus on my business from getting peaceful sleep at night knowing that Windstar Technologies has our Law firm data protected and in the event of a catastrophe can restore our data. Dave understands to whom a duty of loyalty is owed and has helped us maneuver touchy terminations and new product roll-outs and ever-morphing security threats, and even training. Dave always responds promptly, and he offers “best of the best” personal service.

Pearson and Pearson, P.C.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law